Wednesday, 20 June 2018

A Just Reward for Labours Given

A Just Reward for Labours Given


"The corpse was bloated and discoloured. Gut, throat and face grossly swollen so that its eyes and tongue protruded far beyond the skull which should have contained them. The stench of it’s putrid emissions filled the hall, leaving many an occupier gagging and the rest taking but the shallowest of breaths."


So, you may have noticed a lapse here in the last few weeks. I have invested the time in creating an all new website to host the blog, give access to its leading tale, the Dagda's Work, and as a space where I can build more into my efforts for the community. 

You can find the rest of this story over there as well as everything else created to date at

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Go Raibh Mile maith agaibh
 ( Sincerest thanks to you all )

 An Scéalaí Beag

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