Monday, 25 July 2016

The Spaces Between

The spaces in between.

The brief moment that falls between the thinking and the doing. 

When all the thoughts have been had, words have been said, and decisions made, the transfer from thought to deed occurs.

Not always is it a long deliberation nor yet an epic feat. 

Sometimes it's as simple as deciding to get up from one's bed, getting one's feet upon the floor, one's legs to take the lift of the body shape, and then do something with the potential of the new day.

At other times it is the big choice, the point of greatest change and the manifestation of that change into a new world order, even if that is your own personal world. 

What is often lost on many is that space in between. Like the twilight of predawn or the day's dusk, the waxing or waning of the moon, the turn of the tides, or the shift of the season.

That sliver of time, the fractional space, that liminal moment, where what was has come to an end, what will be is yet to begin and all of the energy and ability of the person is gathered in a totality of their potential.

That space is our greatest moment and, on occasion, our hardest challenge.

In that space, all that we are hangs in a state that could almost be considered divine for its energy and possibility. All the knowledge and experience, all that power and passion, held right there on the threshold of change. 

There, is power.

Few there are that can pause for more than a heart's beat upon that threshold and overcome the challenge.

Most folk step up and across the space without even the smallest awareness of its existence.
Action follows thought in a seamless process, like stepping from one room to the next, changing from one state to the next, chasing into the next moment and then the one after that and again after that until they have used all of their moments and their story ends. 

These are those people that do. Rightly or wrongly, rashly or carefully there is no gap between thought and deed.

Some there are that never reach the threshold. The deliberation, the thoughts, the emotions, the consideration, the words, the process, the plan.
This becomes their endless world and they too use their allocated moments. These folk are those of thought and no action.

For even though they do not chase or indeed act, their moments do not stop and wait, and again all in time, their story also ends. 

Then there is the challenge of the threshold itself.

Here you can find those who are able to see the threshold and stop for its offering of respite bathed in their own potential. 

There are people with awareness who chase this space, choosing to stay and not move on, calling it things like enlightenment. A place of clarity and completeness where all things are finished and no new things start. 

As they work to remain upon the line between what was and what will be, full of that personal energetic potential, the world can slip by, its moments moving ever on without the benefit or detriment of that individuals action. Neither thinking nor doing, they are neutral to the process and remain separate, for good or ill.

The test, is of oneself when confronted by that potential. That near divine state where anything can change beyond the point of action. All of the power of potential entwined with all the responsibility.

Come the moment, gathering the potential to you, and then completing some action, any action.

Manifesting the Change and owning its power and ripples....but difficult it can be to face one's total potential, to face that awareness of self that comes in the moment in between.

To accept all that is yours from the good to the bad, the strong to the weak and still act. 

Doubt, of self or of others, is a human condition. The concern that there are variables that haven't been considered, possibilities that could ripple outside of ones ability to control, or just pain and failure as that which is manifest does not match that which could have been.

All of these things are true, and none of them, suspended in that moment between.

The threshold gives a lot, but it also takes a lot to comprehend the gift of that moment in between, even those gifts of pain and darkened weakness. 

He was at home in that In between.

His deeds and accomplishments flowing for the total potential of giving all to the threshold, building it there to a singular purpose, then releasing ones hold to the thought and creating the manifestation of the Will. 

In the predawn half light the Dagda looked once more at the floor of his room.
That small space beside his bed.

It was right there, so close. He had lingered long on the threshold, allowing his thoughts to delay the potential of the day should he but put his feet upon the earth.

Rolling on his side, he pulled the covers up around himself and lay there in silence and apathy. 

Today he did not choose the challenge.
 Yet as the saying goes, tomorrow was always another day.

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